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Vote Liquid Europe!

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⇒ Conquer legislative assemblies with liquid candidates, one drop at a time.

Liquid democracy engagement platform built for the European and National legislative process

This project aims to replace political parties' loyal representatives with direct democracy + personal proxies you trust

Building our community

The European fork of
Political engagement platform built for the legislative process at every level: European, National & Local legislation

 Engage your proxies with their email or twitter...   //and change them whenever you want// very important people legislative process resources

Liquid Future Philosophy

Videos and podcasts:

Hello Democracy!

First we discovered paper, then printing, then computers. And since then democracy is rising.

  1. Better Citizen Communication with the Internet
  2. Better Citizen Information with the World Wide Web
  3. Better Citizen Collaboration with the Commons (free software, wiki, open-source/data/science/knowledge/collectives…)
  4. Better Citizen Cooperation with the P2P blockchain
  5. Better Citizen Discussion with the Web annotation (,, dissenter…)
  6. Better Citizen Consultation with civic technology (open government, DemocracyOS, LiquidFeedback, Decidim, Consul…)
  7. Better Citizen Legislation with Vote Liquid engagement platforms for legislative process: first Liquid.US & then Liquid Europe
  8. Better Citizen Sovereignty with the https://Democracy.Earth Foundation
  9. Better Citizen Privacy with anonymity networks (first Tor then Substratum? Solid? Shift? Particl?)
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